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Jalavihar water park

Jalavihar water park

If you are looking for water park in Hyderabad, then jalavihar water park is one of the best option. It has spectacular fun rides. Jalavihar Water Park article covers topics like Timings, Ticket Price, Rides, Images, History, About, Etc.

Interesting facts Jalavihar water park

Jalavihar water park was built by R. J. Rao, a non-resident Indian, and a group of people funded ₹ 220 million (US $ 3.4 million) in a public-private partnership model with the local tourism service.
• The jalavihar water park has 18,000 square foot (1,700 m2) water pool, the largest in the country, can accommodate approximately 1,000 people at a time.

About Jalavihar water park:

Jalavihar Hyderabad is a popular amusement park, Jalavihar Hyderabad is situated near to the necklace road that sits in the heart of the twin cities-Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is very close to the IMAX multiplex and Sanjeevaiah Park, which is also on Collier Road. It is a family entertainment park with various interesting options for adults and children. An entertaining place to be with the family, Jalavihar Water Park in Hyderabad, presents an incalculable number of rides to its guests. There is a wide range of water games as well as rides that are offered here for adults and children.

Games such as family slides, mini water trailers, reclining bucket, mushroom umbrella, floating float and pendulum are just some of the choices that will keep you happy throughout your day in Jalavihar. If you want to relax, you can spend your time at the wave pool. Rain Dance is another place to go if you want to try something different from the slides. Make dancing to the card hunters while the water is sprayed on you from all sides is enjoyed by children and adults. It is a great place to visit with children. There are many rides specially designed for children.

For safety, the park also formed guarantees. For lunch and light snacks, visitors can go to the dining court and enjoy various specialties served in the restaurants. Jalavihar also offers the ease of Party Zone which is perfect to accommodate all kinds of functions ranging from gathering family to birthday parties to corporate parties. There is an amphitheater with open lawns that can accommodate nearly 2,000 people, while the Vedhika can accommodate nearly 300 people.

History Jalavihar water park

R. J. Rao, a non-resident Indian, and a group of people funded ₹ 220 million (US $ 3.4 million) in a public-private partnership model with the local tourism service. The department has sanctioned 12.5 acres (5.1 ha) of land on Collier Road, which bypasses Lake Hussain Sagar for this project. Although the land was allocated by the chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in the year 2000, the work was blocked due to problems of encroachment and land ownership. In addition, a survey was initiated by the local government on the method of project allocation.

The Apex Court of India agreed on the project in mid-2006 on the basis of the sanction of the local pollution control board and the regional high court. Due to the cost-effectiveness of the public-private partnership model such as this one, local government proposed to continue the trend in 2010. The 18,000 square foot (1,700 m2) water pool, the largest in the country, can accommodate approximately 1,000 people at a time. The built area accounted for only 10% of the total area of the park. A suitable fence was provided along the park to avoid waste around Lake Hussain Sagar.

The park consists of two main areas:

Entertainment and party. The entertainment area includes water sports, waves, rides, mini-trains and cooking courts. The party area contains where 2,000 people can participate.

Location of Jalavihar water park:

22/9, Necklace Road, Hussain Sagar Lake , Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500063.

Timings of Jalavihar water park:

Jalavihar is opened in all days of the week from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Jalavihar Hyderabad Entry Fee:

Entry Fee for Adults and children Jalavihar Hyderabad (with all water games):
Rs.150/- Per Person – Below 3 Feet Height
Rs.250/- Per Person – 3 Feet or Above 3 Feet Height
Dry Rides Cost at Jalvihar
Rs.50 – Bungee Jump
Rs.30 – Scary House
Rs.30 -Cricket
Rs.30 – Bouncy Castle
Rs.50 – Water garbing
Rs.50 – Bull Ride
Rs.50 – Bumper Car

Best time to visit: This place can be visited anytime in the year.

Things to do: Not only water slides, Jalavihar also has a variety of rides. Although visitors must pay extra fees for each of the rides, try one or two of the rides worth the money. Some of the more interesting options that will be found here are: Mini-trains, Mini-trains, Super-Jet, Batteries, Mini-Rainbow, Mini-Joker, Battery bikes, Air hockey, Bungee Trampoline and many others. For the amateurs of video games, there are also facilities.

How To Reach Jalavihar water park:

Located right in the middle of the city, it enjoys a good location easily accessible by cars and buses – one of the main reasons why it is an ideal weekend choice for families, but also for Groups of friends. Visitors can not only enjoy the games and rides here in Jalvihar, but one can also go to Hussain Sagar Lake to relax or admire the captivating sunset at the lake. The delays of Jalavihar are also very practical; Adding to this, Jalavihar entry fees are quite affordable for everyone. Therefore, without worrying about getting out of budget, you can plan your day for a fun and fun outing in the water park.

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