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Hussain Sagar Lake

Interesting facts about Hussain Sagar Lake • On the shores of this lake Hussain Sagar, the treaty between Mughals and Golconda was signed. • The largest artificial lake in Asia, Lake Hussain Sagar was dug in 1562 AD during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah. • In the middle of the lake you will find an enormous statue of Lord Buddha which is 16 m high and weighs nearly 350 tons. • Hussain Sagar, a heritage site in India, was named “Heart of the World” by World Tourism Organization on 27 September 2012.  About Hussain Sagar Lake Hussain...

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Osman Sagar

Interesting facts Osman Sagar • The Osman Sagar is about 46 Sq. km, and the reservoir measures about 29 Sq. km, with a total level of 1,790 feet and a capacity of around 3.9 tmc. • Osman Sagar was built the Musi River in 1920 to provide an additional source of drinking water to Hyderabad and to protect the city after the Great Flood Musi of 1908.   About Osman Sagar Osman Sagar, known as Gandipet Lake, is a reservoir in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The lake is about 46 Sq. km, and the reservoir measures about 29 Sq....

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Durgam Cheruvu

Interesting facts Durgam Cheruvu • Durgam Cheruvu is one of the most popular places in Hyderabad. Featuring captivating scenic beauty, the lake is also known as ‘Secret Lake’. • The rock formations around the lake cover an area of 63 acres of land and are expected to be about 2500 million years old. • The Lake is surrounded by granite rocks, which is considered a rare thing not only in India but throughout Asia. Location: Rd Number 46, Masthan Nagar, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India,Pin- 500033 Durgam Cheruvu Timings: The lake will be opened for the visitors...

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Loktak lake

Overview of Loktak Lake and Sendra Island Loktak Lake and Sendra Island are one of the most beautiful attractions of the state. Located about 50 km from Imphal, Loktak Lake is situated in the Imphal Valley and is home to all rivers and streams in the state of Manipur. Loktak Lake and Sendra Island present a combination of beauty unmatched elsewhere in the country. One is the largest freshwater lake of the country, while the other is a floating island made up of organic waste on the same lake, home to the only tourist house in the region. The...

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Dal lake

Unknown facts about Dal lake • Dal lake was second largest lake in Jammu and Srinagar. • Dal lake was titled as “The jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “The Jewel of Srinagar”. • The shore line of the lake, is about 15.5 km (9.6 mi), is surrounded by a boulevard lined with Mughal era gardens, hotels, houseboats and parks. • During the winter season, temperatures sometimes reach -11 ° C (12 ° F), at that time lake will be in complete frozen state. • The Dal lake has been ruled by the Mughal, Afghan, Sikh rulers. About...

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