Birla Planetarium Hyderabad is one of the famous tourist place in Hyderabad. This Article covers topics like Timings, Address, Entry fee, Sky Show, Art Gallery, etc., 1.Birla Planetarium Entry Fee Entry Fee: Rs.125/-Combo (Planetarium + Science Museum): Rs.200/-Combo (Planetarium + Art Gallery + Science Museum): Rs. 260/- 2.Birla Planetarium Address Birla Planetarium is located Near … Read more

Lumbini Park Hyderabad

Lumbini Park Hyderabad is a famous tourist place in Hyderabad. This article covers topics like Entry Fee, About, Timings, Boating, Laser Show, Musical Fountain, Where to Eat and Accommodation. 1.Entry Fee 1.20 rupees for Adult2.10 rupees for Child3.350 for Speed Boating (Adults / Children)4.55 for Mechanised Boating for Adults5.35 for Mechanised Boating for Children6.110 for … Read more