Ashwem Beach is among the most popular beaches in Goa. This beach is gifted with a beautiful scenic view. Ashwem Beach article covers topics like Shacks, Resorts, Nightlife, Mandrem, Hotels, Timings, Things to Do, etc.

About Ashwem Beach

ashwem beach

Ashwem Beach (known as Ashwem Beach) is located north of Goa on the stretch of beach which begins on the shore of the Chapora in the south and continues almost to the beach of Querim on the shore of the Terekhol River in the north. Ashwem Beach Located north of the capital of Panaji, this beach offers delightful ocean views bordered by the green fronds of coconut trees that spice up the shoreline. Almost all tourists who have already visited this incredible place sincerely recommend this resort as the best place in north Goa for an economic vacation spent together with children of all ages. The main advantage of Ashwem Beach is its less crowded. There are not too many hotels, resorts, and other lodging properties in Ashwem. The place is popular especially among European senior tourists and families with children who prefer to spend their holidays in places far from busy beaches as well as roads and highways. The place has a good selection of resorts to stay in and have a quick bite. Accommodation units are mainly represented by beach huts and shacks, but there are even more beach resorts and hotels in Ashwem.

Few shacks even count against each other to be called the most suitable accommodation units in the place. All resorts to stay have restaurants and bars where tourists are suggested to try incredibly tasty dishes of Indian and European cuisine. However, you should not expect that you are allowed to use the chaise lounge for free: it is very likely that you will have to pay extra for them. In addition, high-quality massages and Ayurvedic procedures are recommended to be tried.

The climate of Ashwem Beach

Ashwem beach is wide and desolate. The fine white sand is surrounded by large pines and palms. The sea here is superficial and during the season, which lasts from October to April, it reaches the temperature of about 30 ° C. In the northern part of the beach, there is a small river, and sometimes you can even see the rocks of Volcanos here. The atmosphere of Ashwem Beach is one of Goa’s most relaxed and laid-back beaches, and it is never crowded.

Where to go at Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach, in the north of Goa, stretches from the northern shores of the Chapora River to Querim Beach near the Terekol River. The beach is about 30 km from the capital of Panaji and about 19 km from Calangute, one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Goa.

Best time to visit Ashvem Beach

The tourist season in Goa is from October to March and is at its peak from December to February, where the maximum number of visitors come to the beaches to enjoy the pleasant, sunny, and calm seas, perfect for swimming, Other nautical activities. During the summer months of March to June, the beaches are still frequented by visitors although the weather is extremely hot. The rainy season (June to September) is the least popular due to rough seas and dangerous undercurrents as well as bad weather.

ashwem beach

What to see at Ashwem Beach

The long and pristine stretch of sand that is Ashwem Beach is hidden away from the crowd and is an ideal place for tourists who want a quiet holiday while taking in the sun, sand, and surf. The seas around Ashwem Beach are perfect for swimming, and the nearby river provides a safe place for young people unable to handle the waves of the ocean. You can relax even more before you pamper yourself during a spa day at one of the nearby resorts of a relaxing Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massages in this area are known to be of very high quality and technique.

There are a number of beach huts and resorts that line the banks of the Ashwem and are perfect for a midday meal or a stay in the area. The huts are usually made of coconut and bamboo and are known for their excellent and fresh seafood, as well as their delicious Goan specialties. They also serve continental cuisine for those who prefer softer flavors. Ashwem Beach is known for its beauty and loneliness and is not a center of activities like the others, the most frequented beaches like Baga and Calangute. Although there are no water sports and other adventure activities available here, if you are looking for a peaceful day at the beach, surrounded by picturesque beauty, Ashwem is the place Ideal for you.