1. About

Bogatha Waterfalls are also known as Niagara Falls of Telangana because of their appearance. Bogatha Waterfalls are among the best waterfalls in Telangana State and also one of the famous tourist spots in Mulugu district, they are located near Cheekupalli village in Wazeedu Mandal. Bogatha waterfall is formed from the water of Cheekupalle Vagu, eventually this water will join Godavari River. This beautiful waterfall is located in the dense forest which is 30 meters high with a range of up to 200 meters in diameter, depending on the season, the water is flows in a large pool at the bottom of the falls. Visitors enjoy swimming in the pool and name it as the best activity.

The area surrounding the Bogatha Waterfall also offers a great opportunity for bird watching. There is a temple dedicated to Sri. Bhogadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy next to Bogatha waterfalls. The upper part of the waterfalls is accessible from the temple.

  • Location

The Bogatha Waterfalls or ‘Niagara Falls of Telangana’ is located in Cheekupalle Village, Vajedu Mandal of Mulugu District.

  • Timing

The waterfalls will be remained opened from 09:00 AM in the morning till 05:00 PM in the evening. This waterfall will be opened in all days in the week.

  • Entry Fee

The entry fee to this waterfall is Rs. 10 per person.

  • Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this place is monsoon season, Generally from july to november the water flow will be more and it also depend on the amount of rainfall in the region.

  • Things to do


Cycling is the best way to explore this place. In addition, it is the most ecological and economical option because one does not have to worry about expenses or pollution. The experience of exploring new places of Telangana by bicycle cannot be replaced by any means. This trip stands as one of the Telangana’s best cycling routes pass through its most beautiful landscapes. We have identified some of the test routes at Bogatha Waterfall from Wajedu. The forests along this test have been prepared for viewing spotted Chowsinga, deer, Sambar, etc. in the New Forest Tracks created.

Hiking or Trekking

Trekking near Bogotha ​​Waterfalls offers picturesque view and a chance to meet friendly locals. Bogotha ​​has some of the best trekking and hiking trails in Mulugu District. Many people visit Bogotha ​​for a trekking vacation to explore the beautiful remote villagess, ecotourism landscape, indigenous peoples and their daily way of life. Trekking is an adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available. It is a sweet holiday on foot along the streams.

Bird watching

The fauna in these forests is very rich. Among the dry and green landscapes you can see an overabundance of colors, listen to pleasant calls and sometimes even harsh calls making the forest lively and interesting, in fact you will hear more birds than you will see them because most birds camouflage themselves very well with their environment. Depending on the size and role given to them by nature, the diet of birds ranges from insects to reptiles and small mammals. But it is worth trying to look for birds, you may spot purple great owl, Lawping, kingfishers, Purple Sunbird, drongos, eagles, woodpeckers, Malabar whistling thrushes, ashy prinia and some river birds.

  • Places to visit

Bogateswara Swamy Temple

A Bogateswara Swamy Temple is located on the upper part of the waterfall. The lord Bogateswara Swamy who is prominent among locals and this temple is dedicated for him. This temple is must visiting in the trip because you can take blessing from god and also enjoy top view of the waterfalls. Make sure to spend some time taking in the spectacular views that can be seen from this location.

Butterfly garden

A fascinating butterfly garden is being built by the Forestry Department to attract more travelers. This garden is full of lush green trees and shrubs trimmed in the shape of butterflies. Lots of flowers bloom in this garden as well, adding to the beauty of it. The garden also offers activities such as archery and a small area for kids. The butterfly garden is a great place to picnic and enjoy tasty food in the middle of nature.


Recently, a three-story tower was built to offer a bird’s eye view of the whole place. You can climb to the top of the tower and take in the serene and mesmerizing view of the whole place. The watchtower is specially built to glimpse the beautiful sunset or sunrise and be amazed by the different hues of the sky merged with the lush greenery of the land. Make sure to climb to the top of the Watchtower and enjoy the panoramic views it offers.

  • Distance From Nearest Cities

Laknavaram to Bogatha waterfalls distance 74 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from khammam 195 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from jangaon 191 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from karimnagar 215 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from hyderabad 277 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from warangal 134 km.

Bogatha waterfalls distance from Bhadrachalam 121 km.

  • How to Reach Bogatha Falls

By plane: The closest airport to reach Bogatha Falls is Hyderabad, located 330 km away. From the airport, a large number of cabs or rental cars are available that will take you to your desired destination.

By Train: The nearest station to reach Bogatha Waterfall is Bhadrachalam Station, located at a distance of 121 km. From the station, you can easily hire cars that will take you to waterfalls.

By Road: Bogatha Waterfalls are well served by road from a number of locations. You can easily take your own car or rent a car and start your journey from any of these places and reach Bogatha waterfall.