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Category: Wild Life

ChandraPrabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary located near Varanasi has some stunning waterfalls. Their natural beauty mesmerizes everyone. Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary article covers topics like Pictures, Timings, Distance, Location, What To Do, How To reach, etc. About ChandraPrabha Wildlife Sanctuary The ChandraPrabha Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as Chandraprabha) is located in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. It is very popular with beautiful picnic spots, dense forests and picturesque waterfalls like Rajdari and Devdari that attract tourists every year nearby. The ChandraPrabha Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 70 kilometers from the basking town of Varanasi. Flora and Fauna The sanctuary has an...

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Pakhal Lake

Lakes always form a beautiful senery and pleasant environment. Pakhal lake is one among them. Pakhal Lake article covers topics like Accommodation, History, Images, Resort, Distance, etc. About Pakhal Lake The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful and attracting tourist spot located in Warangal District, Telangana. This Sanctuary is located around the shores of Lake Pakhal, it was established in 1213AD by the Kakatiya dynasty. In the 13th century Pakhal lake was claimed and named after the man who discovered it. The vast grounds of this seductive sanctuary are covered by an area of 860 square kilometers. It has...

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