Cheruvugattu temple also known a sri Jadala Ramalingeshwara Temple is one of the famous Lord shiva temples in Hyderabad and Telangana. Cheruvugattu temple article is the combination of authors experience and details of the temple like history, accommodation, images, address, timings. This combination makes this article as a complete guide to visit Cheruvugattu temple.

Name: Cheruvugattu

Mandal Name: Narketpally

District: Nalgonda

State: Telangana

Elevation / Altitude: 311 meters. Above Sea level

Pin Code: 508101

Speciality of CheruvuGattu Temple

On New Moon day, people from diffrent places come and sleep in and around the temple . They belive that their problems will be solved and they will have god blessings.

The famous Mudu Gundlu(Three Stones) on which lord shiva lingam is there. Devoties can go top by steps. There is a narrow passage to pass(if you dont want you will have steps). People belive that all their sins will be gone, by passing through passage. It feels good and great to pass through narrow passage between stones.

Our Trip To cheruvu Gattu

Hi friends, I am here to share our experiences visiting cheruvugattu Temple. The cheruvu gattu temple is also called as ‘sri jadala ramalingeshwara temple’.This Temple is at a distance of 85 KM from Hyderabad, to reach this temple you need to get on to the Vijayawada Highway (National Highway 65,  NH 65) and take the exit at Narketpally and proceed towards Nalgonda (State Highway 2, SH 2). Once you take the exit from NH 65 you need to travel just 4 KM on SH 2 to reach the temple which will be just adjacent to SH 2. This temple is must visiting place if you go to Vijayawada or Nalgonda.

We started at 6 AM from Hyderabad. I personally recommend you to start as early as possible to avoid traffic or If you choose Outer Ring Road (ORR) You need to take the exit at Pedda Amberpet(Exit 11) and proceed towards Vijayawada. If you choose outer Ring Road the distance may slightly increase but you can reach quickly. We reached ramoji film city by 6:20 AM, we had breakfast there in nearby tiffin center. The food taste is really good and price are affordable (Rs. 20 per plate for any type of tiffin). We finished our breakfast by 6:50 AM. Stated again towards cheruvu gattu, We reached temple by 8:00 AM, it took us approximately 90 minutes to reach the temple Without considering breaks. The time may slighlty vary because there is a toll gate before Chityal, Sometimes traffic will be more near toll gate (especially in festival days, holidays). But you can use fast tag option if your car is has a fast tag. I am sure everyone will enjoy the driving on this road.

We reached temple by 8:00AM, There we had to option, first one is to reach the temple by steps, second one is by road. We choose go by road where we were asked to pay RS. 30 at the entrance of the road. We reached temple in 5 minutes from there. Once you reach top of the hill you will see two main temples one is called as mudu gundlu and the other one is sri jadala ramalingeshwara temple, along with them there are also temples for lord Hanuman, Godess Parvathi and many others. Before going to darshan one must go to gundam to perform bath or atleast to wash face.

Mudu Gundlu

The temple was named as mudu gundlu because it is situated on three big boulders. You can reach there only by steps. These steps will be tricky one must be really careful while climbing them. Please stay more cautious if you are with women, children and elderly people. In this place devotees are allowed only to carry milk with them and perform abishekam on their own, even if they take coconuts with them they won’t be allowed to break it there. Knowingly, We have purchased milk in shop near sri jadala ramaligeshwara temple. But some people have bought cow milk with them, I advise to bring cow milk if you can bring. Finally we reached top and performed abishekam to Lord Shiva on our own, Along with darshan I found it as a beautiful scenic spot. But what I felt is cleaniness is missing and there were only few people present and it took us lot of time, so temple authorites have to concentrate on the time lapse. After finishing darshan at mudu gundlu we climbed down steps and reached Sri jadala ramalingeshwara temple

Sri Jadala Ramalingeshwara Temple

Sri jadala ramalingeshwara temple Shiva lingam is last of 108 shiva lingas established by sage parushu ramudu, you can know more about this in our ‘History’ section. In this temple you have two options one is free darshan and other is paid darshan. Since it is a queit day we opted for free darshan. We have also took ticket for archana, they charged us RS. 30 for it, along with them you can tickets for harathi, abishekam and many other pujas. The main deity is surrounded by big boulders which will minimize the space.

Once we went inside we handed over the archana ticket to priest, then he asked us our names and gothras and he performed archana to god it took around 10 minutes to complete the process. Then theertham and prasadam was offered to us after taking blessing from priest we left the place of main deity, as soon as we came outside we saw place to break coconuts. This place is surrounded by monkeys always be careful about your belongings. After that we went to hanuman temple which is just adjacent to main temple. After darshan an hanuman temple we also visited other temples nearby hanuman temple.

We are now done with all the darshans in all the temples on the hill. We now proceeded towards prasadam counter, there were laddus, lemon rice available for devotees to purchase. The cost for both laddus and lemon rice is same, it is RS. 10/- each. We purchased some and reached downhill. There is one more temple of godess parvathi, we visited that temple and we saw farmers bought there cow and performing pujas.

We had performed darshan by this we have finished darshans in all the temples. Since, it is a queit day, it took us 90 minutes to visit all temples in cheruvugatuu. On special occassions like amavasya, sundays, mondays and other festivals the time for darshan grows exponentially, details of special occasions can be seen in our festivals section. There are shops present near Godess Parvathi temple where you can purchase some of the regular items like toys, photos of gods, prasadam, etc.,

Finally we headed back to home, After visiting this place, I felt that this place has history, uniqueness, speciality which makes it must visiting places, but there is lack of development in facilities like quality food, accommodation, infrastructure.

On the way back home we tried to eat in some places roadside and we found the poor quality food so better to try food after you cross ramoji film city. You can go to hotel vivera and N convetion if want to eat before crossing ramoji film city but food is slightly expensive.

On the way to cheruvugattu temple the places you can also watch are Ramoji Film City, Mount Opera, Gandhi Museum, Sri Laksmi narasimha swamy temple. Please let us know if you know any other places in this route.

These are my experiences on trip to cheruvugattu temple. Let us dig out some more details of this temple in the below sections of the article


Cheruvu gattu temple one of the a famous temples of Lord Shiva. Every Year at the end of january a festival(jatara) will be conducted. There will be thousands of pilgrims gathered for this festive season. The Chants of “Hara hara mahadeva” and “om namaha shivaya” have reverberated all Shiva temples in various parts of the Nalgonda district. In the temple of Cherugattu, the devotees formed serpentine lines to offer prayers to the presidential divinity, Lord Siva. They made special visits.

Sri Parvati Jadala Ramalingeshwara Swamy kalyanam was performed at the famous Shrine of Cheruvugattu Hill in Narketpally. Passing through intense cold wave conditions, dozens of devotees managed the hill sanctuary and took advantage of an immersion in the koneru adjacent to the small hours temple. The devotees looked upon celestial marriage with the greatest devotion.

The temple reverberated with Vedic songs to the kalyanam. Later, devotees performed sacred rituals and worshiped the divinities of the temple.

Agnigundalu(Walking on Hot Charcoal), one of the main events of the Brahmotsavalu, will be held at the sanctuary of the hill Sunday evening. Dopotsavam, Mahapurnahuthi, Jyothirlingarchana and other sacred events will also be organized. The deities of the temple will be taken in a ceremonial procession on Gajavahanam on the evening marking the conclusion of the Brahmotsavalu.

Apart from this festive season huge gathering of people can be seen on every amavasya, Sundays, Mondays and other public holidays.

Temple Timings

The Temple will be opened from 6 am – 12: 00 pm, Closed in the afternoon and again opened from 5pm – 8pm. So please do not visit in the afternoon times to avoid disappointment.


Sri Jadala Ramalingeswara Swamy Devasthanam is located on the small hill of the village of Cheruvugattu, Narketpally Mandal in Nalgonda District. It is 4 km from Narketpally Mandal’s main area and 15 km from Nalgonda.


It is believed that main deity of the temple was erected by a sage parushu ramudu during the period of trethayugam. He has erected this shiva lingam as a part of his pilgrimage. He had established a total of 108 shiva lingas and sri jadala ramalingeshwara temple was the last one and it is only temple in India were lord shiva will be facing west direction. The story for his pilgrimage started when Kartavirya has stolen Kamadhenu (A cow which can fulfill wishes) from sage named as jamadagni who is the father of sage parushurama. This incident had accured in the absence of Parushu ramudu.

As soon as parushu ramudu returned back to ashramam he came to know about the incident. After listening to the incident angered parushu ramadu went to Kartavirya and killed him wih his axe and bought kamadhenu back. When he returned back to ashram his father jamadhagni ordered him to go on a pilgrimage to wash his sins. Once parushu ramudu left the place the kings came back to jamadhagni to avenge the death of kartavirya, So they have killed jamadhagni. Parushu ramudu came to know about his fathers death which angered him again and he took a oath that he would kill all the kshatriyas(kings) after he fulfilled his oath. He started this pilgrimage and erected 108 Shiva lingas across the country

How To Reach

By the road

Narketpally is the nearest town to Cheruvugattu. Nalgonda is 15 km from Cheruvugattu. Once you reach this places you can easily reach this temple by auto or by bus.

Mgbs to Cheruvugattu The distance is 86 km (55.00 miles)

Uppal Bus Stop to Cheruvugattu The distance is 85 kms

Hayathnagar Bus Depot in Cheruvugattu The distance to the bus station is 75 kms

This place can be reached if you take any of the buses from Hyderabad to narketpally, miryalguda, suryapet, nalagonda. So you have plenty of buses available from morning 3:30 AM till 11:00 PM.

By train

Chityala Rail Way Station, Srirampuram Rail Way Station are the closest train stations to Cheruvugattu. Also, you can consider the stations of Near By town Nalgonda. The Nalgonda Railway Station, the Srirampuram Railway Station are the railway stations near Nalgonda. You can reach from Nalgonda to Cheruvugattu by road after. The Secunderabad railway station is 89-KM railway station near Cheruvugattu


The accommodation near temple is not upto the standards. I recommend to plan for accommodation in nearby town nalagonda.

Recent Developments

After Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple (Yadagirigutta) telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao focuses on the development of Sri Parvathi Jedala Ramalingaheshwar Swamy Temple in Cheruvugattu, Nalgonda District.

The chief minister reportedly ordered the district administration officials to visit the temple to study the possibilities of its development and the necessary facilities in the temple premises.

Mr. Rao is of the opinion that the Shivaite temple has great potential for development since it is located near the district headquarters.