Goddess Durga has a prominent role in Hindu mythology. There are some famous temples of goddess durga in Telangana, among them Edupayala temple was a prominent one. So here is a article on Edupayala Temple(Jatara) which is the collection of author’s experiences and information related to Edupayala temple Room booking, Images, Timings, History, Distance from Hyderabad Etc.

Our Trip To Edupayala Temple

Hi friends, I am here to share information and my personal experiences on my trip to edupayala vana durgamma temple. This is a place which can be visited along with family and friends. People generally come here to perform bath in any of the 7 main streams of manjeera and then go for darshan of vana durga bhavani mathaa. Some of them also sacrifice goat, sheep, hen as part of their rituals. The more detailed information is provided in below sections.

We started in a group of 5 in a car from Hyderabad. We started at 6:00 AM in the morning to avoid traffic, so I advise you to start as early as possible. We proceeded towards dundigal and got on to the Hyderabad-Medak Highway(SH 6). It is important to remember that this is a heavy traffic route with railway crossings and traffic jams. So it is better to take outer ring road (ORR) distance may increase but you will reach quickly and comfortably. If you get on to the outer ring road you must take the exit at gundla pochampally, Dundigal (Exit 05) and proceed towards Medak.


As soon as we reach Dundigal we stopped for breakfast. We went to nearby tiffin crnter and had breakfast, the food available was good with affordable prices. We started after having breakfast, after going around 50 KM you need to take left turn, you need to be watchful at this turn only small sign is available (or)ask anyone nearby for this turn. This left turn helps you to reduce distance by 30 KM and this is under constructing road so it is a muddy road. Knowingly we took left turn and proceded 3 KM further and reached the temple. It took us nearly 2hr 15 min to reach the temple. Please note that there are many sharp curves on this road so be patient when driving.

Edupayala Durgamma Temple

According to legend sayings this place has thousands of years of History. Which was listed in our history section. When we reached near temple there was a toll gate where we were asked to pay Rs. 30, after paying we proceeded towards parking area. Since we went on a quiet day there were only few people in the temple area. We went to one of the streams where we took bath after that we purchased coconut and proceeded towards main temple. We stood in the line for dharshan firstly we saw a counter where you can purchase tickets for special pujas. We took ticket for archana it costed us Rs. 30/- per ticket. Then we proceeded further in the line, when our turn came we handed over our tickets to priest, then he asked our names and gotras and performed archana to main deity Durga mathaa.

After darshan we moved towards exit and found a cocunut breaking place, we handed cocunuts to the person standing there, after breaking coconuts we went to prasadam counter and purchased prasadam (laddu). By this we finished our darshan at the temple.


Once we finshed darshan we headed towards car park, it was afternoon by that time everyone of us were feeling hungry. The smell of mutton and chicken items in surrounding area added to our hunger. So we decided to go to nearby meat seller and purchased some mutton and chicken and we took it to small hotel where they cooked meat for us. They made delicious curries for us, we paid money and we sat down under a tree had our launch.

Finally we returned home by evening, But if you are interested you can see few places around this place. We have listed all those places in the ‘nearby tourist attractions’ section.By this our trip to edupayala temple comes to an end. Please let us know this article is helpful to you or any modifications needed in below comment box. Let us also dig into some more details about this place.

Special attractions

• Edupayala jatara is considered the second largest congregation of worshipers after the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatara in the Telangana state.
• The Edupayalaya Jathara is a popular festival that attracts pilgrims not only from Telangana but also from Karnataka and Maharashtra.
• This is where seven rivers meet at one point. Here the temple of durga maatha is one of the most famous and powerful temple of Telangana.
• Each year, around 30 lakh people come here to worship the goddess Durga. The Manjeera River, which originated in Bidar and flows into the districts of Nizamabad and Medak, acts as a subdivision of the river.

Edupayala Temple Timings

06:00 AM to 9: 00 PM (Every day of the week)


Edupayala Vana Durga Temple is place where seven rivers meet at one point. Here, the temple of Durga Maatha is one of the most powerful and famous temples of Telangana. Sri Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani Temple is located in Nagasanpalli village of Papannapet Mandal in Medak District about 88 km from Hyderabad and only 18 km from Medak. By car, it takes less than 2 hour 30 minutes from Hyderabad to reach this place. Route map for edupayala durga temple from Hyderabad is turn left from Gandi Misamma Circle to Dindigul. The path is full of forest and beautiful green farms. The temple is situated in the Pedda Gutta Soramgam which is also called Garuda Ganga and the temple is located where the Manjeera River or edupayala river flows a short distance. You have to visit this place in the rainy season where the nature of the forest and the green fields make this place more beautiful.


We have listed some of the festive seasons conducted by the temple committee. Apart from these seasons people visit to this temple in more numbers on Sundays, public holidays.
• Navarathri Usthavalu
• Magha Amavasya
• Shivarathri Jathara

Edupayala Jatara

Every year at the time of Shivarathri, Nagsanpalli, the small region in Medak District comes to life with the celebrations of Edupayala Jatara. The faithful flock to the premises of the Vana Durga Temple, located at the confluence of the seven rivers of the Manjeera River. Over the years, the religious significance of Edupayala (literally meaning “seven streams”) has helped it evolve as a popular tourist destination.

Edupayala Jatara is a three-day event and involves the participation of a large number of devotees from all over Telangana who come to pay their respects and remove their sins. Stalls and shops selling a range of assorted merchandise including beverages, coconuts, sweets, bracelets, compact discs and tapes make good business all around the year. The business during the Edupayala Jatara is exceptionally good as most devotees spend at least one night in this holy place. The festival is also a good opportunity for people to seek the blessings of the Goddess. They also ask for the fulfillment of their wishes by sacrificing sheep and chickens to please the goddess.

Beginning on Shivrathri’s propitious occasion with Bandi Utsavam, the festival ends after a three-day extravaganza of faithful followers of Rathotsavam. Around 32 brightly decorated carts of oxes tour surrounding villages as part of the festivities. The administration will release additional water in the Ghanpur project to allow worshipers to take their customary bath which is an essential part of the festivities. The seven streams or streams named after seven wise men or rishis namely, Kasyapasa, Atreya, Bharadwaja, Gutami, Viswamitra, Jamadagni and Vasishta, meet behind the Sanctum Sanctorum and act as the place where devotees take their holy bath.

Edupayala Temple History

There is a strong legend associated with this massive festival whose source can be traced back to the Mahabharata. It is believed that Janamejeya, grandson of the third pandava prince Arjun, to save his father Parikshit, from a curse, performed the “sarpa yagam” ritual that involved sacrificing serpents in the sacrificial fire to end their race. . The snakes, in an attempt to flee, invoked Ganga to flush out the sacrificial fire and end the ‘SarpaYagam’. Ganga arrived and divided the Manjeera River into seven small streams that sank to touch the feet of the goddess Bhavani or Vana Durga located in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple built at the point where these 7 streams merge.

Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple

There is the famous temple Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani in Nagasanpalli, papannapet mandal. The maintenance of the Temple was under the family members of Peddalachannagari under the rule of Nizam and now it is under the endowment of Telangana Govt. Peddalachannagai Durga Reddy was the first chairman of the temple’s board of directors. Edupayala jatara is considered the second largest congregation of worshipers after the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatara in the Telangana region. It was granted state festival.

Distance from Edupayala temple Durga Bhavani

• Distance from Hyderabad is 87 Kms (2.5 hours drive)
• Distance from Warangal is 156 Kms (3.5 hours drive)
• Distance from Medak Bus Depot is 7 Kms (15 min by car)
• Distance from Kamareddy is 57 Kms (1 hour 15 minutes by car)

Nearby by tourist attraction

• Pocharam Reservoir
• Sanctuary of the wild life of Pocharam
• Church of Medak Cathedral
• Medak Fort

How to reach

• As Medak does not have a railway station and Hyderabad is the nearest one at 89 km, tourists can go to Medak and enjoy private transportation to reach the fort.
• You can also reach the city of Medak by public transport. TSRTC run buses very frequently from the Hyderabad MGBS bus stand to the city of Medak. From the Medak city bus stop, guests can enjoy private transportation to Edupayala Temple.
• The temple is sittuated at a distance of 7 km from Medak’s main road and can be accessed by private buses and automatic rickshaws.

Hyderabad to Medak Bus:

• There is a bus to Medak from Hyderabad every 20 min.
• The first bus starts at 5.30 am and the last one at 10.00 PM

Nearest Railway station

The nearest railway station is in secunderabad, Hyderabad which is located at a distance of 89 km.

Edupulapaya Temple Room Booking

• Medak offers many affordable, clean and comfortable accommodation options. In addition, being close enough to Hyderabad, tourists can also travel to Medak for weekend trips from Hyderabad.
• In Medak Manama Hotels, Anjagoud Hotel and Green Corner Hotel are some of the best accommodation options that can be explored.
• Basic accommodation is available to pilgrims. It is advisable to carry your own supplies of food and water. Pilgrims can also build makeshift tents near the temple premises to spend the nights.


Narsapur Rd, Medak District,
Machavaram, Telangana 502331