Kanipakam Temple is the temple for lord varasiddhi vinayaka and there is a saying that all the pilgrims who visit to Tirupati must visit this temple first. Kanipakam Temple article covers topics like Accommodation, History, Timings, Photos, Information, About, What To Do, etc.

Interesting facts about Kanipakam Temple

• “Kani” refers to wetlands and “Pakam” means the flow of water to wetlands.
• Strange feature of the idol is that it is getting bigger and bigger. At present, one can see the idol’s knees and abdomen.

Kanipakam Temple Timings:

The kanipakam Temple will be opened from 4:00 AM till 9:30 PM.

Kanipakam Temple Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee for the temple, but you can pay Rs. 10 for special darshan. To know more read Darshans & Poojas

Kanipakam Temple History

Kanipakam is a small village on the bank of the Bahuda River. “Kani” refers to wetlands and “Pakam” means the flow of water to wetlands. According to the history of the temple, there were three brothers and each had a disability. Viz., Dumb, Deaf and Blind. They earned their livelihood by growing a small piece of land. In ancient times, water was drawn from the well by “Piccota System”.

kanipakam temple

As one of them used to irrigate the field through the canals, the other two bent over the Piccota. On such an operation, they found that the water in the well had dried up and they could not continue their work. One of them entered the well and began digging it. He was surprised to see the iron tool hitting a stone as a formation. Later, he was shocked to see the blood come out. Within a few seconds, the entire water in the well transformed the red blood into color.  Thus, amazed by this divine view, all three have become normal to get rid of their deformities. As soon as the villagers came to know this miracle, they clashed with the well and tried to deepen the well. But their attempt proved futile because the idol of Lord Vinayaka’s “swayambhu” (the self manifested) emerged from the swirling waters. In the end, they offered a large number of coconuts with all the prayers: modesty on their knees before the new idol was given “MAGALHARATHI”, etc. They declared the ideal of “SWAYAMBHU” and offered the number of coconuts.

Coconut water sank into the canal at a distance of more than one and a quarter of acres. The indication of this led to the modification of the use of the word Tamil “KANIPARAKAM” and later pronounced as KANIPAKAM. Even today, the idol is in the original well and the well springs are perpetual and eternal. During the rainy season, the holy water from the well still overflows today. Another striking and strange feature of the idol is that it is getting bigger and bigger. At present, one can see the idol’s knees and abdomen. Smt. Lakshmamma, a devotee, had offered a “Kavacham” (armor) to the Lord fifty years ago, but today he is out of reach and does not match the idol. Holy water from the well is offered to devotees as Theertham.

The story behind Bahuda River

Long ago, two brothers Sankha and Likhita lived. They were on pilgrimage to Kanipakam. As the journey was tiring, the younger brother Likhita was hungry. In disregarding the advice of the elder brother, he snatched a mango from the mango tree. Sankha felt bad and brought this back to the rule of this region and pleaded for punishment for the sin committed during the pilgrimage.

Thus Likhita was punished severely deprived of both arms. Later, they bathed in the river near the temple of Kanipakam. Then chopped arms were restored to Likhita as soon as he dived into the sacred waters of the river. These incidents lead the rule to rename the river as ‘Bahuda’ (Bahu means human arm). Thus, the river next to the Kanipakam Temple is now known as the “Bahuda River”.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka as holder of ‘Truth’

The idol swayambhu of Kanipakam is the defense of the truth. The daily conflicts between people are solved by taking a “special oath”. The people in the dispute take an immersion in the temple water and swear before the lord. It is taken as the truth of the gospel. There are cases where the person who committed this sin voluntarily accepts as soon as he has dived and many before entering the temple itself.

It seems that the Lord is passing invisibly on the sinner and makes him repent and feel guilty for his sinful actions.Thus, the glory of Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka has spread throughout and the honorable courts maintain the “special oath” in their judicial pronouncements.

How To Reach:

This temple is just 11 km from chittoor town and pilgrims have easy access from public and private transportation.

Details of Daily Sevas at Kanipakam Temple

Suprabatham, Binduteerthaabishekham (4.00 A.M to 5.00 A.M): Rs.551/- 2 persons allowed. Devotees will be given 5 laddus, ½ Kg of pulihora, 1 shesha vastram, 1 blouse piece, 1 silver dollar.

Result: This Seva is for awaking the swamy, its pleasure to have the first Darshan of Swamiji. This can be experienced only by having first Darshan at early Morning.

Paalabhishekam(7.30 A.M to 8.00 A.M ,12.30 P.M to 1.00 P.M, 2.00PM to 2.30PM , 3.30PM to 4.00 PM and 5.45PM to 6.15 PM): Rs. 150/- 1 or 2 persons allowed. Devotees should get minimum of 2 litres of milk.

SankataHaraGanapati Vratham(9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon):Rs. 151/- 1 or 2persons are allowed. Devotees will be given 2 laddus.

Result:In Ganeshaporanam, this vratham has prominent role. This vratham was performed by Lord Krishna and Bramha. This Vratham can be performed by the couple those who don’t have children, for Business Development, for overcoming all the frustrations and especially for Court Case Salvations.

Special Abhishekam(5.30AM to 6.00AM, 9.00A.M to 10.00A.M , 11.00A.M to 12.00 noon,1.00PM to2.00PM and 6.15PM to 7.15PM): Rs. 500/- 2 persons allowed in the first instance along with children and 3 persons will be allowed later. Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Pavalimpu Seva (EkanthaSeva) (9.30 P.M to 10.00 PM):Rs.150/- 2 persons allowed, Devotees should get the pooja samagri.

Result:Sri Ganapathi and Ammavaru will be rested in Addala Mandapam in the temple. The newly married couples, couples to have the children, the couples with problems in married life can perform this seva and can get the problems solved.

Nithya Kalyanotshavam:(11.00 AM to 12.00 PM):Rs.616/-, 1 person or couple will be allowed per ticket. The devotees will be given shesha vastram, 1 blouse piece, 2 laddus and 2 vadas.

Result:The persons who are having KujaDosham (Objections for their Marriage) can get their problems by performing this seva.

Vunjala Seva:(6.30 PM to 7.30 PM):250/-, 1 person or couple will be allowed per ticket. The devotees will be given 1 seshavastram, 1 blouse piece, 2 laddus and 2 vadas.

Result:They devotees will be having chance to keep the lord on their Shoulders and can go round the Temple and they send the lord to Sleep by swinging in the Cradle.

kanipakam temple

Darshans & Poojas at Kanipakam Temple

Special Entrance Darshan: Rs. 10/- per head.

Ordinary queue line: Free

Nijaroopa Darshan (Morning 5.00 to 5.30,7.00 to 7.30,8.30 to 9.00,10.30 to 11.00 and Evening 4.30 to 5.00): Rs. 50/- per head.

Ganapathi Homam(9.00AM to 12.00 Noon):Rs. 500/- the Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Result:In Day to day life there is lot of competition and Objections for all the works, in the same way lot of frustrations in Education, Employment, marriage and Business. By Performing this Homam, One can overcome such Frustrations.
Ganapathi Modaka Pooja (Before 12.00 Noon): Rs. 300/- Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Result:From the past History, we all know that Lord Vinayaka is Very Fond of Kudumulu; all the Hindus celebrate the Occasions by giving the Kudumulu as Food to Lord Vigneswara.

Ganapathi Sahasra Namarchana(10.00 A.M to 11.00 Noon , 1.00 P.M to 1.30 P.M , 3.30 P.M to 4.00 P.M & 6.00 P.M to 6.30 P.M):Rs. 150/- Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Ganapathi Patra Pooja(Before 12.00 Noon):Rs. 58/- Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Shodasa Ganapathi Pooja(Before 12.00 Noon):Rs. 500/- Devasthanam will supply Pooja samagri.

Result:There are 32 Avatarams of Ganapathi. This pooja will be performed by using 16 of those 32 Avatarams. They will give the prasadams to devotees’ by performing archana to all the 16 Avatarams. Actually we get more peace and happiness by performing archana to one avataram. The result of performing archana to 16 avatarams can be unbelievable.

Moola Mantraarchana(Before 12.00 Noon):Rs. 300/- 1 person or couple allowed . It’s performed before 12 in the morning.

Result: Ganapathi was Very Fond of Coconuts, this seva can be performed by giving 8 Coconuts to ganapathi. By this one can get blessings from Ganapathi and all the problems will be solved, they can live peacefully.

Polangi Seva(Every Thursday):Rs. 1000/- per family. Every Thursday.

Result:Sri Ganapathi is decorated by different colour flowers in his Garbalayam and Antralayam. By performing this Seva one can get more wealth through Lakshmi Blessings.

Vahana Pooja:Rs. 50/- (Auto & Scooter), Rs. 125/- (Car, Jeep), Rs. 150/- (Other Four wheelers)

Tala Neelalu:Rs. 5/- per head. Done near Swami vari Kalyana Katta.

Pramanam:Rs. 516/- per each Pramanam.Everyday at 5 Pm

Navagraha Harathi:Rs. 2/-

Navagraha Archana: Rs. 5/-

Navagraha Tiela Abhishekam:Rs. 116/-

Sani Dosha Nivarana Jyothi: Rs. 5/-.

Navagraha Santhi: Rs. 116/-

Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy Archana: Rs. 5/-

Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy Harathi: Rs. 2/-

Sri SitaRama Kalyanam:Rs. 500/-

Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy Vadamala Pooja: Rs. 100/-

Result:By this, the people who are having ‘Navagraha Dosam’ they can overcome the Dosam. The children’s who are having the problems in future can be eradicated by this Seva.

Akshrabyasam, Anna Prasana:Rs. 116/- 2 laddus & 1 Brass dollar will be given. The ticket should be taken before 12 pm.

Namakaranam (Naming Ceremony):Rs. 116/- & 1 Brass dollar will be given.

Subhakaryamula Aahvana Poojalu:Rs. 51/-

Uthsava Murthy Harathi: Rs. 2/-

Uthsava Murthy Archana: Rs. 5/-

MahaHarati (Kumba Harati):6.00 P.M to 6.15 P.M daily Rs.25/-, one person will be allowed, 1 Laddu will be given as Prasadam.

Saswatha Poojas

Saswatha Abhishekam: Rs. 2500/- (Once in a year on a particular day. Date chosen by the devotee).

Saswatha Ganapathi Homam: Rs. 2500/- (Once in a year on a particular day. Date chosen by the devotee).

SaswathiaPooja: Rs. 516/- (Once in a year on a particular day. Date chosen by the devotee).

For Nitya Annadanam Rs. 1116/- is the minimum.

Source: http://www.kanipakam.com/