1. About Kuntala Waterfalls

About 270 km from Hyderabad, there is a very beautiful waterfall in the Adilabad district of Telangana and is also recorded as the highest waterfall in Telangana. After reaching Nirmal, you will have to travel a 10 km stretch of ghat road which will give you a thrilling experience through dense forest. If you like long and adventurous hikes this route is a must.

After driving about 30 km, you will come to a village called Neredikonda. A right turn into a small road just after this village brings you to your destination. You have to be a little aware here as there is no sign for the waterfalls. After driving straight for about 10 km, making your way through lush green fields and dense forest, your eyes will open to heaven on earth. The place is hidden from the noisy outside world and offers you the best of nature. It is covered with valleys, dense forests and chirping birds. After entering the area you will have to walk for about half a kilometer and you will reach a place where you will find a series of 408 steps leading down to the waterfalls. There is simply a lack of words to describe this unspoiled beauty. To add adventure, you can hike through large boulders to reach the traces of the waterfalls. Water gushes through the rocks making its own path from a height of 200 feet and splits into several streams. Although there are many scenic waterfalls, this one is so amazing and very accessible. Climbing further up to reach the top of the falls might sound like a good idea, but you have to be very careful as it is too steep and very risky.

  • Reason behind the name Kuntala

According to legend, the waterfall is named after Shakuntala, who fell in love with King Dushyanta, at the site itself. It is also said that She used to take a bath in these Kuntala Falls. Since the Gond tribes mainly live here, the name of the waterfall is derived from the world ‘Kunta’ which means pond in both Gondi and Telugu. The word “Kuntalu” means several ponds and this waterfall is created by the confluence of several ponds that flow from the Kadem river.

  • Reach Kuntala Falls

Upon reaching the place, you will need to descend 10 to 15 minutes of approximately 408 steps to reach the falls. Near the waterfalls there is an idol of Lord Shiva  known as Someswara Swami. It can be accessed through an opening in the rock. There is a large congregation of devotees at the Mahashivarathri festival.

  • Entry Fee

There is no Entry Fee required to visit Kuntala Water falls.

  • Things to do

Kuntala Waterfalls is one best waterfalls of telangana. If you are interested in nature photography, this waterfall is one of the best places to visit because of its panoramic view. You can also enjoy with your friends and family members while trekking and swimming in the pool formed by the waterfalls.

  • Where to stay

There is no accommodation available near the waterfalls. The closest place where you can find hotels is the town of Nirmal.

  • Where to eat

There won’t be any options for eating near the waterfalls, so it’s best to take food with you on your trip. The town of Nirmal is the closest place to find hotels.

  • How to Reach from Hyderabad

By road

Kuntala Waterfall is located at 270 km from Hyderabad, so it’s perfect if you want to take a long drive for a weekend. If you use public transport, there are buses only to the village of Neredikonda, after which you will need to book a taxi to reach the waterfall.

By Train

You can choose to travel by train to Adilabad Station, which is 58 km from Kuntala Waterfalls.

  • Best Time to Visit and Precautions
  • Although the waterfall looks great during monsoons, it is often advisable to avoid entering the pool created by the waterfall as it can lead to accidents.
  • If you avoid the monsoons, you can still visit the waterfall between October and December.
  • It is best to avoid going to Kuntala Falls between January and June, as the waterfall turns into a trickle from the heat.
  1. Places to Visit Nearby places
  • When you visit Kuntala Falls, you should also try to experience Gayathri Falls, Pochera Falls, and Kanakai Falls located near Adilabad.
  • Try to visit the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is currently a tiger reserve.

The place near the Kuntala waterfalls is perfect for a big family picnic or even  a well-deserved outing with your gang.