If you are looking for a place with a beautiful scenic views and a peaceful environment, then laknavaram lake is the best place for you. This lake in recent times emerged as a must visiting a place of Warangal tourism. The article Laknavaram Lake covers topics like Photos, Timings Resorts, History, Bridge, Telangana Tourism, Etc.

Why you should visit Laknavaram Lake?

“The place is attracting tourists in droves, thanks to the initiatives taken by the Tourism Department. Laknavaram lake is one of the engineering marvels of the Kakatiya kings which was built at an excellent geographical location. The place is attracting tourists in droves, thanks to the initiatives taken by the Tourism Department. Laknavaram lake is one of the engineering marvels of the Kakatiya kings which was built at an excellent geographical location.”
By The Hindu newspaper

The air-conditioned wooden cabins at Laknavaram Lake resorts in the Warangal district pocketed the most innovative product of the M / s Travel and Tourism Fair. Fairest Media Private Limited was held in Kolkata from 8 to 10 July 2016.
Khammam District Tourism Officer Suman Chakravarthy received the award from Fairest Media President and CEO Sanjiv Agarwal, a statement said. The state government tourism department and the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation jointly set up a stand at the fair which was inaugurated by the West Bengal Minister of Tourism Goutam Deb. He also visited the stall. Fairest Media will also be organizing a similar fair from 15-17 July at Hi-Tex. More than 200 exhibitors from 20 states and five countries will participate.

About Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake stands one of best sightseeing places of Warangal with its fascinating scenic beauty. Laknavaram cheruvu occupies 10,000 hectares of land consisting of many beautiful sceneries. This place is among top tourist attractions of Warangal because of its peaceful environment as it far from pollution of cities and chaos.

The Laknavaram Lake was an artificial lake which is built by Ganapathi Deva, a Minister of the Kakatiya dynasty. Surrounded by lush forests and captivating mounds, this lake is sure to leave you enchanted. The winding road, with forests on both sides and the Lake is still makes the trip memorable. The suspension bridge and the small islands that are scattered around to add further to its haunting scenic beauty. Not only the beauty, this lake is historically significant as well. An example of excellence in engineering during Kakateiya reign and a nice mix of history with nature.What makes this Lake even more beautiful is the mini-islands that are located all around it. A total of about 13 small pieces of land can be seen surrounded by the water of the Lake, especially during the monsoon months.

The view in the morning at the Sunrise, when the water of the Lake sparkle as the rays pass through the trees is absolutely fantastic.At a distance of 75 km from Riyadh the Lake is located in the village of Laknavaram, Govindaraopet (Mandal). Hyderabad it is located about 150 km away. As it is located very near Ramappa Temple, which is just 29 km, both these places can be visited on the same day.Although Laknavaram cheruvu is ideal for Touring throughout the year, the best time to visit the Lake is during the monsoon and winter. In recent months, many tourists in Warangal Trip plan visit this Lake. As in the rainy season, the Lake is filled with water and the region sees more freshly grown flora.

Laknavaram Lake History

The history of this place dates back to Kakatiya reign. This lake is also known as Laknavaram Cheruvu, and was discovered by the Kakatiya leaders. They found a beautiful Lake located in the middle of flourishing hills which surrounded it. It was then the leaders of Kakatiya reign built a small valve that finally turned it into a vast lake that currently serve as water tank. Lake is still used as a source of irrigational water for an area of approximately 3,500 acres of land and to six villages that are located nearby. He has the ability to hold around 2,135 tmc ft. water.

Things to do in Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake near Warangal with its incomparable beauty is ideal for a wide range of activities as well. The most popular activity is in the East of the boating lake. Boat in this place is something that every visitor interest, regardless of their age. Those seeking a bit of emotion, there is the option of speed along with motor boats boating.However, if you want to relax, you can just sit around the Laknavaram cheruvu and enjoy a peaceful setting. There is also housing here, that are provided by the State Telangana Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC). The hotel offers Laknavaram Haritha luxury with all the basic amenities. A restaurant, offering a wide variety of delights is also located here. So for a relaxed ride, you can even plan a stay in the Lake and revel in its picturesque charm.

Suspension Bridge: Telangana Tourist department has constructed a Suspension bridge connects the 3 islands, and several jetties on the bridge and along the lake end. This bridge adds beauty to this place. Suspension bridge with a length of 160 meters is another interesting feature of this Lake. This suspension bridge starts from the entrance to the island, offering an experience worth remembering.

Laknavaram Lake Timings and Fee

Times the entrance to the East of the Lake from 8: 00 to 17:30. The ticket price for entrance into the Lake is Rs. 10 for adult and Rs. 5 for children.

The costs of boating at the Lake

Laknavaram cheruvu

The boating costs for the fresh water Laknavaram Lake is Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 30 for children. Fees for speed boats speed Rs. 300 for a maximum of 4 people.

How to get to the Laknavaram cheruvu

Laknavaram cheruvu Warangal, Lake is located about 6 km from Govindaraopet Mandal which is around 75 km from Warangal. If you come from Warangal, you are called to lead on NH 202 in the direction of Mulugu. After that you need to drive straight until you cross Mulug and Jangalapalli, then you need to take a right turn and continue for 7 km to reach the Lake. This 7 to 8 km of road across the expanse of refreshing greenery gives a perfect start for your relax at the Lake.

Public Transport:
• TSRTC buses are available from Hanamkonda Bus Stand, Warangal
Warangal to laknavaram lake distance : 75 kilometers

Where To Eat:

There are few vendors at Lakhnavaram Lake who sells water bottles, snack items and tea. Its better to pack your food from nearest town like Mulugu, Warangal, etc or it would be better if you can bring your food from home.

Lakes Near Laknavaram Lake

Pakhal Lake:

The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful and attracting tourist spot located in Warangal District, Telangana. This Sanctuary is located around the shores of Lake Pakhal, it was established in 1213AD by the Kakatiya dynasty. In the 13th century Pakhal lake was claimed and named after the man who discovered it.

The vast grounds of this seductive sanctuary are covered by an area of 860 square kilometers. It has a beautiful landscape with a fascinating range of low hills where wild animals have the opportunity to nest in the plateau with a safe atmosphere. The environment of the sanctuary and Lake Pakhal offers the untouched beauty of nature. It offers a wide variety of flora and fauna gives a beautiful background. This biological diversity is an important feature that has earned a name for this sanctuary attracting many local and international tourists.