Nagasamudram Lake is a perfect place for weekend getaway. It attracts everyone with its scenery. Nagasamudram Lake article covers topics like Directions, Distance, Accommodation, What to do.

About Nagasamudram Lake

Nagasamudram Lake is the most important place of the ananthagiri hills. Naga samudram is well known for its nautical and nautical experiences. In this context, we propose accusations, how to plan, do what, bring things to Naga samudram and also important instructions to follow in Nagasamudram.

CHARGES – Rs 600 per head. While swimming is not strictly necessary, it would be a good idea for swimmers to join as we are near a large body of water.

How To Plan

A team of 15 members that interest me!
10:00 AM – Leave Hyderabad by mini bus from Ghac’s office.
12 pm: Join Haritha Resort and have lunch
13:00 – 15:00 – boating, kayaking, swimming and maybe fishing at Nagasamudram lake.
5 pm – Pack the boats and go back

Back in Hyderabad before 8 pm

It’s just a average speculation and we’re going to do things on the trip.
Note: Water levels may be low. I’ll promise you a lot of fun though. So keep this in mind when you RSVP.

How are we going and what are we going to bring?
Minibus from the ghac office, and we offer equipment that will include:
1. 3 boats plus 2 kayaks
2. 15 lifejackets (PFD)

Things you must carry to Nagasamudram Lake:

• Torch
• Plastic packs
• Shorts, tracks, etc., floats for the side of the lake
• An extra pair of clothes and a cold jacket.
• Complimentary toiletries
• Camera
• Some snacks to nibble on the way.
• Fishing rods, hooks and line if you have them.

600 / -. If it’s something more than that, we can talk about it after the accounts are balanced.

 Lunch and transport included:

There may be some expenses that arise on the way and sometimes required during a trek. Play to such an extent that we go.

Important Instructions to be followed at nagasamudram lake

2) No waste, no pollution of water
3) This is not a luxury trip, but all care has been taken to make your trip comfortable
4) Most food will be vegetarian
5) We provide basic first aid and, if you need something, you can ask the organizers
6) If you feel bad, inform the organizers immediately.
7) Make sure to wear on long pants (jeans or tracks) and shoes only during the hiking phase

Trek Notes

Level of difficulty – Easy

It’s more of a water-based boat trip than a hardcore hike, if it’s not to your taste or you think you can not get involved, I’d appreciate if you could Leave the RSVP slot for someone else.

The above-mentioned plan may not work for everyone. So we have listed some more information for others.

Nagasamundram lake which is situated a few miles further on a small detour next to a dam after crossing the Ananthagiri temple. It is about 10-15 minutes by car. The lake is not very deep near the shore and may have crocodiles. GHAC volunteers are present to check crocodiles. I was happy that no crocodile or alligator came forward to challenge the turbulent group, but Missus claims there are no crocodiles in the lake and I just deflated to avoid diving into the water cold.

How To Reach: Buses are available from MGBS (Mahatma Gandhi bus stop in Hyderabad), you can drive and reach in about 2 hours enjoying the scenery around you.

Where to Stay:

You can stay at the Haritha Hotel, operated by Telangana Tourism, with beautiful views of the valley and a very inviting pool. Temple accommodation is subjected to availability, The forest department has a forest guest house that can be booked in advance. (difficult though) If you have permission from the forest department you can also set a camp there.