Papikondalu is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. It attracts everyone with its scenery. Papikondalu’s article covers topics like Resorts, Tour Packages, Videos, Location, Images, Bamboo Huts, What To Do, How To Reach, etc.

Interesting facts about Papikondalu

• Around 50,000 people visit Papikondalu every day.
• Many attractions of Papikondalu may extinguish after completion of polavaram project.
• There are two myths present on the origin of the name Papikondalu or Papi hills.
• One of the myths is when ‘saptha rishis’ pleaded the king ‘papi’ to give the way to the river he left small gap between mountains. So these hills are called as ‘Papi hills.’
• Another myth is top view of these mountains look like hair line (Papidi) of women. So these mountains are called as Papikondalu.


By Andhra Pradesh government:

Andhra Pradesh Tourism (APTDC) offers cruise rides from Papikondalu to Rajahmundry. APTDC has both one day or two-day boat trip You can choose any one of them.

Pattiseema to Papikondalu Package Tour

6:30 AM : Departure from Rajamundry by a Non A/c bus to polavaram
8:00 AM : Arrive at polavaram
8:15 AM : Departure to Perantalapalli by cruise
8:45 AM : Breakfast will be provided on cruise
9:30 AM : Visit nearby Gandipochamma temple
9:45 AM : Departure to Perantalapalli
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM : Arrival at Perantalapalli( Shivalayam, Rama Krishna parama hamsa asramam, water fall)
2:30 PM : Departure to polavaram by cruise
6:30 PM : Arrival at polavaram
7:00 PM : Leave to Rajamundry
8:00 PM : Arrive at Rajamundry.

Fare: For Adult Rs. 655/- , For Child it is Rs. 550/-

About Papi Kondalu

Papi Kondalu “or” Papi Hills “are a series of mountain ranges located in Rajahmundry and West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The Papikondalu mountain range extends along the Godavari River, one of The most lively and living rivers of India The powerful river shrinks and crosses.The Papikondalu summit extends over a vast area, covering about three districts of West Godavari, East Godavari and Khammam Districts. There are small motor boats with a capacity of five, including the cruise or River Streamers carrying about fifty to sixty people .

The journey takes about 8 hours and the adventure begins the moment you walk the boat, the ups and downs of the river water, the drift sand, the fresh breeze, the small fish Which can be spotted in the clean water and fresh air of the Papikondalu Hills, this is one of the best experiences to travel. Come any season, except summer, these mountain ranges offer one of the best places to visit in AP in terms of scenic beauty, pets, species of birds, which are found here. The River (especially during the rainy season – July to September) gives you an exciting experience to travel. Sometimes the rising water level in the river makes the boat trip precarious.

It is the skill and experience of local sailors, which makes your trip the most memorable.There are several views that fall in your journey like Pattiseema and Perantalapalli which are unavoidable. Several tribal communities have made their homes on these hills whose main occupation is fishing, agriculture or crafts. If you are a true adventure lover with a group of over five years and not with aged citizens.One of the fascinating things you can do is camping by the river at night. You can carry your tents, fishing and edible rods, trekking on the hill until dusk and spend time at the river.

You can then start the next trip the next day. This would be one of the exciting, thrilling and best adventures you can, but at your own risk. On the same road, there is another small but interesting place called “Pattisam”. It is a small island famous for the temple of Lord Veerabhadra, a warrior of Lord Shiva’s army. It is said that the village is called “Pattisam” after one of Lord Shiva’s weapons.


History of Papikondalu

Papikondalu is also known as the Papi Hills which are located in the holy Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh. As everyone knows that the godavari River was born in Nasik (Gomukh, Maharastra), from there it crosses many states. Finally, it ends in Andhra Pradesh. Before entering Andhra Pradesh, we can see 3 mountains that seem to win by trying to restrict Godavari. Nature lovers really like this place According to our ancestors sayings, the name Papikondalu is the word derived from a telugu word called (papidikondlu), because when we view the sight of this divine Godavari river from the top of this papikondlu, Would look like a hair Line (thala lo papidi) of a woman.

But according to our history (puranam) when the great saptharuhees bought pathala ganga to earth, the king of an evil kingdom named (papi) stopped the flow of ganga, and then again, the saptha rushees asked the king “Papi” to give the way to which he gave A small space to continue the flow of water is the reason why papikondalu is so close to each other. Papikokndalu is the well known tourist attraction in andhra pradesh which will “extinguish” in the short term, due to a famous dam, namely “Polvaram project” which is under construction. After the construction of the dam, there are about 250 small villages that will be drowned.

There are still villages that do not have electricity, roads, water or any other communication. These places are also covered by the papi kondalu tour, these papikondalu are three in number, located like a wall in the middle of the holy river Godavari, it is about 100 km from Rajahmundry. On this trip we start from Polavaram and cover so many famous places like the temple of Gandi Pochamma, Perantapalli, Ramakrishna muni vatika (Ashramam) and Veereswara Swamy Temple.

Papi kondalu gives you lots of refreshment and satisfaction, it’s not just a fun tour, but also a devotional tour that covers the famous temples mentioned above, the temples covered in our tour are very well known and famous. Starting from these natural beauties, we have a lot of entertainment like dances with professional dancers, games, songs, etc. In our boat journey in papikondalu. The seaside resort Bambo Hut is an attractive thing in the tour. Our papikondalu tour includes these night resorts to enjoy all the movements of the tour. These papikondalu are present in excellent conditions of nature, the climate is very great. All the tourists visited papikondalu on the luxury cruise enjoyed the scenic beauty. I hope you enjoy the best.


Best time to visit Papikondalu

• As the journey takes place on the cruise. So the best time to go depends on the water levels of the river Godavari.
• The monsoon season (rainy season) is the best time to visit papikondalu (i.e, July-October).

Things to do at Papikondalu

• Visitors can stay the whole night in bamboo stick huts on an island.
• There is an option to do trekking but it is at your own risk