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Perantalapalli is village which comes in the Papikondalu tour package. So if you go to Papikondalu you will this place. Perantalapalli article covers topics like How to reach,Waterfalls, Temple, Papikondalu, Village, What To Do. Interesting facts about Perantalapalli • The perantalapalli temple has no official priest only the devotees worship the god here. • The meeting point of sabari river with Godavari river can be clearly seen from this place. • Eating non-vegetarian and consuming alcohol are completely prohibited in this place. • The idol of Shiva under the shadow of snake was worshipped in Munivaatam.  About Perantalapalli Perantalapalli,...

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Papikondalu is a perfect place for weekend getaway. It attracts everyone with its senery. Papikondalu article covers topics like Resorts, Tour Packages, Videos, Location, Images, Bamboo Huts, What To Do, How To Reach, etc. Interesting facts about Papikondalu • Around 50,000 people visit Papikondalu everyday. • Many attractions of Papikondalu may extinguish after completion of polavaram project. • There are two myths present on the orgin of the name Papikondalu or Papi hills. • One of the myth is when ‘saptha rishis’ pleaded the king ‘papi’ to give the way to river he left small gap between mountains. So...

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