Long Island Andaman is one of the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar group. Long Island Andaman article covers topics like Accommodation, How to reach, Ferry, Spa, Resort, Tour Packages, etc.

About Long Island

Long Island, just 47 nautical miles from Port Blair, with an area of about 18 square kilometers, is a modern village with a population of about 2000 with many additional points and facilities usually not available in other villages of Bay Islands. It has its own feeding center, a well-equipped boatbuilding garden, a high school, a bank, wireless facilities, a hospital, a range forestry office and even a police outpost. Long Island is a colony of dreams without a road network.

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• Wide marine richness and exclusive beaches, comfortable caves, verdant hills and magnificent mangroves – a perfect package for adventure tourism.
• The immaculate beauty of Long Island and adjacent islands in the form of lush tropical forests, pristine beaches coupled with a unique marine ecosystem attracts tourists from different parts of India and overseas.
• The islands have tropical forests of all types ranging from Evergreen forests to swamp forests.
• It has beautiful pristine and silvery beaches along its coasts at Lalaji Bay and Merk Bay of North Passage Island next to Long Island.
• Cruising through Yerrata Creek and the Long Island Sunset view can attract any nature lovers to these places. Long Island is also a paradise for bird watching.

How To Reach Long Island?

By Boat

There are regular boats from Port Blair to Long Island three times a week with stops at Neil Island and Havelock. Check the link for government boat/ helicopter schedule. http://www.andaman.gov.in/web/guest/helicopter-schedule.

By Bus

You should take an early bus from Port Blair to get to Rangat early enough to catch the 4 hour boat from Yeratta (near Rangat) to Long Island. There are buses later until 11 am, but the journey takes 6 hours, so you may stay overnight in Rangat and get the 9-hour boat to Long Island.


As in the rest of the Andaman Islands, the climate is fairly stable 27-32C throughout the year, with good torrential rains between May and September. The main tourist season begins in October and takes place in March / April. Long Island is sheltered on the west side by other islands and the village has not been too affected by the tsunami. The Bay of Lalaji is more exposed.


The village is spread out on the west side of the island at a good walking distance from the jetty of the boat, and you have to walk: there are no cars or rickshaws, only narrow concrete roads if you Are lucky. Much of the island is wooded and unexplored, and even not mapped: even the police does not have an exact map of the island!

Forest rest homes, Vanshri and Tapovan, are available from the Forestry Department, which could be reserved by sending an application to the Divisional Forestry Officer, Middle Andaman, Rangat . There are also two private accommodations. Visitors must book well in advance for a confirmed reservation.

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What to do?

First, relax and give yourself time to adapt to the rhythm of life on this beautiful island. A varied and rewarding journey exists through the regenerated forest, plantations, main village, fields and primary rainforest on Long Island for travelers who wish to explore. It is a 6 km trail from the pier and ends at Lalaji bay. Another small trail runs north of Lalaji Bay, leading to a secluded cove with calm water, regenerating corals and a white sandy beach. This is perfect for those who want to snorkel or sunbathe in privacy.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: The Andaman Islands are a world class scuba diving destination, and the area around Long Island boasts some of the best dive sites in the Andamans.

Day trips: You can take a boat trip to Lalaji and / or Merk Bay, on North Passage Island, the most charming and secluded beach, where you can see dolphins too!

You can venture further into the exotic Button Islands: the north button, the southern button and the middle button are accessible from Long Island.

Day trips: You can go to Rangat in North Andaman for a day trip: it is a beautiful boat ride through the mangrove streams, and you can shop in the main bazaar of Rangat and/or Visit the beach of Amkunj.
Tourist Information Center: Directorate of Tourism, Administration Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair.