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Category: Island

Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island is not only popular Island among lakshwadeep group but also has follow some unique traditions. To know more abour Minicoy Island read our article which covers topics like Hotels, Tourism, Tour Package, Map, Photos, How To Reach, Beach Resort, etc. Interesting Facts About Minicoy Island • The most interesting feature of the island is its dominant female society that stands out from the normal Indian society. • The social customs of the islands have their influence of matrilineal Muslims where the groom must live with his wife in the house of his in-laws. • Because of strong...

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Long Island

Long Island Andaman is one of the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar group. Long Island Andaman article covers topics like Accommodation, How to reach, Ferry, Spa, Resort, Tour Packages, etc. About Long Island Long Island, just 47 nautical miles from Port Blair, with an area of about 18 square kilometers, is a modern village with a population of about 2000 with many additional points and facilities usually not available in other villages of Bay Islands. It has its own feeding center, a well-equipped boatbuilding garden, a high school, a bank, wireless facilities, a hospital, a range forestry office...

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